Ransomware attacks are increasing, and so is the price to get your data back and systems running. Evolving past “nuisance costs”, hackers are looking to shut down systems and applications to cripple your business.  Download this playbook to learn how to protect your company from ransomware, especially when your anti-virus, firewall, and employee education programs fail. 

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Download the Ultimate Ransomware playbook to ensure your company never pays a ransom or falls victim to WCRY.


Michael Coppola, President, CJIS Solutions

Infrascale cloud backup saved the day and helped me save a customer from a ransomware attack. Recovery went as expected and my customer didn’t have to pay a ransom.


  Ransomware Trends

  How Companies get Infected

  What to do if your company gets infected

  Ransomware best practices

  The importance of Enterprise grade cloud backup

Can your company survive the next WannaCry Ransomware attack? 

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